Designing relevant & compelling experiences

Using people research, technology insights and market trends, as our launching pad for creative pattern recognition and ideation process, we uncover attitudes, unrealized needs and desirable outcomes that are actionable. This then enables us to design complete and compelling designs and solutions that build brand equity by ensuring relevant innovation through compelling designs that resonates with the brand promise as well as meet and exceed customer expectations.
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GN Otometrics just released the Aurical fitting system for hearing assessment and hearing instrument fitting. The design project started with a multi-country ethnographic field research phase and multi-disciplinary pattern recognitions and vision workshop before the concept and design phases where initiated.

This allowed us to establish a shared understanding the users and their reality as well as a path forward. The solutions is a modular system allowing for easy integration into user workflows and environments as well as a design language reflecting a friendlier, easier, more contemporary and less clinical experience.
Have a look at GN Otometrics Aurical website

we only talk about 20% of the healing

The Danish foundation for the support of art and design, The Danish Arts Foundation, in 2010 asked for visions from 12 designers exploring how hospitals of the future could be improved. My contribution ‘Aurora Humana’ is a vision to use of intelligent and dynamic light and sound to induce healing experiences for patients, visitors and staff.

The central idea is that light and sound can influence us psychologically and physiologically as well modify our behavior. We have continued the development and are currently studying how to implemented the solutions at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

flexFOCUS ultrasound systemIF 2010 Gold award and RedDot 2010 award

The flexFOCUS ultrasound imaging system designed for BK Medical was just awarded the prestigious iF 2010 Gold Award, the RedDot Award 2010 as well as the Japanese G-Award 2010. Through ethnographic studies, people driven innovation and design methods we created a completely new proposition and integrated solution, providing new user and patient experiences as well as improved productivity, ROI and ease of service. The system today consists of dedicated solutions for surgical, anesthesiology and urology with multiple form factors, installation solutions and interactions modes.
Please have a look at the BK Medical website…

Over the years I have worked for a very wide cross section of international organizations and have designed objects, interactions and complete solutions for very diverse user groups and businesses. Ranging from high volume consumer goods and telecommunication products to medical systems the goal is always to create novel, consistent and complete solutions that make sense to users.
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The G250 and G100 worklights released a couple of years ago are designed to replace the original JO-EL Goliath lamp I designed in 1990. The new products not only updates both functionality and design of the original and much copied lamp, but adds a hole new set of features and benefits to this category of products.
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From business strategy, technology application over brand extension and product or service development to regular operational design implementation, we have years of international experience ready to help you succeed.
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At the end of the day I believe that only through a multidisciplinary and iterative design driven process centered around people and their deeper goals, can market success be achieved with any certainty and an appropriate substantiations of the brand be guaranteed.
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