Goliath G250

Goliath G250 lamp is the first in a completely new range of cool-touch work lights for the professional market, where it will continue the market leadership enjoyed by the original Goliath K1.

It is always a pleasure, but a big challenge to be working on a replacement range and to be given a second opportunity to channel experiences, lessons learned and hard market feedback into a product that hopefully will become as big a success as the original.

One of the key challenges for this new range has been how to define and create sufficient user benefits and product qualities to survive in the increasingly crowded market of low cost Asian knockoffs and even cheaper hot halogen work lights, while at the same time defend hard earned brand equity and create a new aspirational instantiation and powerful marketing story.

JO-EL G250 worklight

The G250 uses the GE 2D light tube and combined with a high quality electronic ballast it provides a long lasting, safe and powerful solution. Encased in a high a quality rubber and polycarbonate housing it is both durable and water resistant (IP65) to live up to the tough real life demands on professional work sites.

g250 back

I invented and designed the original Goliath lamp in the early ‘90’s and it is still to this day the best selling in it’s category on the market. The new range adds a new set of unique and powerful user benefits ranging from improved fixations, cable management and improved light direction to increased light output and dual power sockets.

g250 mapping

The product is based on extensive end user and sales channel research, as well as a multidisciplinary process involving members from the whole organization. Through visual mappings, segmentation, benchmarking and scenario creation, a set of product benefits and a compelling product vision and roadmap was developed that not only positioned the brand, range and products, but also allowed for a concise and fast development cycle, with clear user benefits and target audience.

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