People and design driven

research and implementations processes

Based on a multidisciplinary and iterative process we deliver a creative and professional set of services at every stage on the process from dream to market. As a business strategy partner I work to define appropriate and innovative experiences and products.

Starting with in-situ user studies and desktop research on context and markets we visualize the attitudinal and market landscapes to find inspiring trends and patterns as well as to define relevant personas based real people. Focusing on the jobs or objectives these users are trying to achieve we can focus on the most appropriate and compelling opportunities.

These opportunities are then conceptually explored and visualized through a design ideation to facilitate the next steps in dialog with the organization. The goal is by making tangible and visual representations to lead the way for business strategy creation and operational product innovation processes, so efforts can be focused on solutions that will be most appreciated, and are currently under served, in the market and are therefore the strongest business opportunities.

By leveraging and extend our clients internal processes and capabilities we aim to help foster strategies and create solutions that will substantiate brand promises, resonate with and excite customers.

Integral to this phased multidisciplinary process is the involvement of lead users and users from the targeted segments as well as decision makers at key milestones. Our process aligns flexibly and closely with business milestones and processes, but focus on users and value creation, to deliver compelling, unique and appropriate qualities.

To increase the success rate and minimize risks it is critical to validate assumptions, choices and directions made during the process, by developing physical representations and software prototypes to engage lead users from different regional markets in dialog around opportunities for improvements as early on as possible.

We therefore recommend extensive use of high quality as well as sketch models or mock-ups at every stage to be able to glean as many insights and as much emotional response as possible.

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