Consumer electronics

The high volume electronics world of portable audio is all about understanding the end users, their dreams and expectations, and the sales channel mechanics.

They are often used as loss-leader products in mass retail to get customers into the shop and they need to stand out and engage the buyer on the shelf as well as in the advertising leaflets. This leads to a unique user centered process with extensive use of research, sales channel involvements and fast paced product replacements to stay ahead of the competition.

Products are designed as ranges and these are again subdivided into tiers and value positions to address all the user segments head on with compelling reasons to buy, and buy up.

Philips entry level boombox

This boom box is designed to attract the entry level buyer who is intimidated by or uninterested in the functionality and want to have an easy to use, recognizable, and a good value. It therefore uses simple clean and straight forward user interface style and layout. The general design language is calm and soft but firm and with focus in the key selling features.

Philips clock radio

This entry level digital clock radio is designed for the same position and user experience and lays out the controls and display so it’s easy to overview and use, while exposing the benefits of the digital tuner.

Philips CD microsystem

At the other end of the spectrum is the range aimed users who are looking for and willing to pay for the latest innovations and more advanced features. This cd micro system with coaxial speakers mirror coated display and metal look and feel is at this segment.

philips mp3 cd portable

Due to it’s cutting edge technology and high price point this mp3 cd portable was also designed as part of the same segment. It was the first mp3 player to be launched by a major brand and was developed in less than 6 months to position the brand as an innovator and get the early mover advantage in what already then was promising to become a very difficult market.

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