Digital convergence

One of the most exciting areas of consumer electronics is the digital entertainment products where computers and traditional entertainment electronics converge and create new opportunities for increased user friendliness and targeted experiences.

Through socio-cultural research, trends study, lead users dialog and technology road maps it is possible and vitally important to plot a chain integrated service solutions and compelling experiences that can lead the way a compelling and probable vision of a future.

As digital technology makes almost everything possible to all market players and cost of entry is minimal, it’s the ability understand, interpret and translate user need and aspirations into appropriate and aspirational value propositions, stories and products that marks the winning brands.

Mediabolic digital convergence entertainment system

This convergence solution from Mediabolic is the cornerstone in a home entertainment system where all the content feeds are aggregated, stored and presented in a consistent, easy to use, user experience in all the entertainment centers in a home.

Philips wireless entertainment tablet

The wireless media tablet from Philips provides a touch interface to entertainment delivered over the Internet and adds an extremely easy to use interface for selecting, organizing and enjoying it where ever and when ever. The tablet also provides contextual meta information and extra content relevant to what is being consumed at the moment, when needed without confusing and disturbing.

As the users are introduced to completely new capabilities and ever more complex use models, the well coordinated and user experience centered steppingstone road map instantiated through iterative design concept development and prototyping, can also help ensures that the user stays excited and able to understand the benefits offered in each new iteration by keeping the product aligned with the targeted users. Not too far from the known, so the user is lost, nor too close and technically obscure so the innovation seem irrelevant to the user.

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