Equipment B2B

Designing equipment for the B2B market presents it own set of constraints as the manufacturing volumes are rarely very high and the production methods therefore often simpler even though the price points are substantial.

Reprographic plate makers for the offset printing industry is one such market and the design are heavily influence by the sheet metal manufacturing used. By developing an almost architectural design language the limitation was turned into an opportunity and allowed for very a recognizable family language that stands out in the relatively bland market and positions the range as innovative and computer like as well as acceptable in the office environment.

Eskofot platemaker

One of the aims with these large machines was therefore to turn this manufacturing limitation in to a positive and develop a design language that was at the same time unique, easy to make and projected the image of professionalism and accuracy expected.

Eskofot large format platemaker

The GNElmi 2Mbit network analysis tool had a similar set of limitations due to low production numbers, many different regional configurations and need for client specific customization. One of the key objective was therefore to enable late customization on as many elements as possible from software, IO connectors and extras to labeling and user interface, while at the same time allowing complete testing and certification prior to this customization.

GN-Elmi 2mbit diagnostic tool

As it was to be used both as a rack mounted node and as a personal error checking tool it had a complex set of requirements from the start. The solution was a recognizable product with a modular structure that was both portable and fit the standard 19 inch rack mount.

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