Heating systems

For Danfoss I have over the years designed a range of heating control products from the RAW radiator thermostat, that as the first achieved the top recommendation in the German market, to electrical thermostats and controllers from the home boiler room or big municipal waste management site.

I saw an opportunity to develop a design language that could be implemented across individual divisions and quite different products. As a very decentralized organization it had been very difficult to maintain a common look, but by designing products across the businesses a sense of family and common vision was achieved.
Danfoss radiator thermostat

The RAW radiator thermostat was designed to improve ergonomic and ease of use by minimizing the grip size and providing a generous scale that is not covered when operated, yet can be seen across the room.

Danfoss electrical thermostat

The electrical thermostats that aim to be as unobtrusive as possible in the room by blend with the wall through color, soft and simple shapes.

Danfoss central controller

And finally a number of central control system products the boiler room and that manage things like the furnace in a home installation or the large scale waste disposal and steam heating systems in a city.

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