Medical consumable

Over the years I have designed a fair spread of medico products ranging from consumer disposables such as the Compeed band aid range now marketed by Johnson & Johnson to gel dispensers and more durable devices such as Novo Nordisk injection pens.

From the starting point in a technological capability, user research and iterative concept exploration has led to a product portfolio with unique world wide appeal that solves wound and blister healing amazingly well.

To turn this into a consumer product a lot of attention was paid to all aspects of the product experience and the design of everything from the band aids them selves to, packaging, identity and collateral was coordinated and developed as one total solution.

compeed box and band aids

Based in the healing knowledge developed around the Compeed products, the brand was extended with additional products such as this gel where the sealed container is the finger friendly and roll proof applicator that conveniently keeps the nose unsoiled and off the table.

Wound healing gel dispenser

Similar considerations and strategy went into the Novo Nordisk growth hormone product. Where the user centered approach is stretched to encompass everyone that influence and are involved with the treatment from the kids and their parents to friends, doctors and nurses.

NovoNordisk growhhormone solution

The solution integrated medical delivery pens, storage and transport products, packaging, exhibition system, product identity and collateral into one consistent experience.

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