Designing watches for the Danish watch maker Rem Rem has been a great pleasure and one of my personal pet projects over the years. As a small company with it’s roots in the Velcro sports strap market a strategy to expand into watches was a natural next step and I was asked to create a range that integrated closely with the strap and stood out in the very crowded market.

The solution was a multi purpose series of watches with a case that could be used as both a sporty and dressy watch depending on the dial used. The family was then created by designing a colorful set of dials to spread the appeal across the board from the technical to the feminine, the weird to the funny.

remrem IQ and sperm watches

The second range was a stab as the slightly high price points and therefore introduced both chronographs and multifunction watches. The design also moved more masculine to with the market and these new movements and with the very ‘in you face’ media campaign ‘Why kill time…’ it catapulted the brand into a very public and cutting edge position with a minimum of investment.

rem rem 'why kill time...'

While I was living in Hong Kong, I designed an additional 2 ranges of titanium watches aimed at shifting the brand towards a more high end, mature and elegant experience with brushed metal finishes, subdued minimalistic graphic detaining and both water buffalo leather straps and solid titanium bracelets.

rem rem titanium dress watch

My latest watches for Rem Rem, is a range of 16 watch designs spread over two families and encompassing both quartz and automatic moments. Both families are targeted at active and dynamic men, but offer very different interpretations of what it is to be active, young and masculine.

some of the rem rem strato and octane watches

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